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Are you in need of the perfect office/retail/industrial space in Johannesburg? Or wanting greater insight into the commercial property sector? Commercial Property Johannesburg aims to bring you all of the latest developments in the industry. You can also find commercial property to rent. Simply follow the links. Get it all at Commercial Property Johannesburg.

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5th Avenue Properties Johannesburg

5th Avenue Properties Johannesburg Commercial Property Johannesburg

Commercial Property Johannesburg offers some essential knowledge about 5th Avenue Properties Johannesburg. Carry on reading on.

Gain Knowledge About 5th Avenue Properties Johannesburg.

5th Avenue Properties Johannesburg offers real estate services to a varied corporate client base. Their team of very knowledgeable real estate experts have years of corporate real estate experience. They have detailed knowledge that they have acquired over the past 25 years. They always deliver an excellent service in the sale and leasing of office and warehouse facilities.

5th Avenue Properties Johannesburg Offers These Services:

Properties To Let.

They are a specialist in short- and long-term leases in the industrial and commercial nodes, providing offices and warehouses, or factories. Their clients vary from big corporates to little businesses. They have more than 100 years of collective experience within their team. They are proud of their brilliant customer service.

Each activity is supported by building lasting relationships. There is no deal that is too large, or too little for the office leasing team. The key is in hearing the client’s brief, understanding it, and matching it to particular properties. Through this process, the broker can make certain that the clients fulfil their business goals. They escort their clients through the whole office leasing process, which includes representation of the tenant if it is necessary.


Properties For Sale.

5th Avenue Properties Johannesburg is a specialist in the sale of warehouses, as well as offices, or factories, in the commercial and industrial nodes of Gauteng, Pretoria, Durban, as well as Nelspruit. Their industry knowledge is unrivalled. They will go the additional mile in servicing business partners.


Property Investments.

The division offers clients professional and firm guidance, pertaining to certain transactions from an investment and funding viewpoint. The division was created in 2009, driven in part by the prevailing financial crisis, as well as its influence on property investments. It focused on a gap in the market for expert service in the area of investment and financial structuring.

Customer needs are crucial. A solution-motivated manner is chosen, to finding opportunities across the complete range of property investment fields.

5th Avenue Properties Johannesburg provides these services:

  • Structuring of the best transaction.
  • Particular financial structures, such as sale and leaseback transactions, leveraged leasebacks, refinancing, as well as balance sheet re-engineering.
  • General property investment advice-giving services, as well as research.


Representation of The Tenant.

It can be difficult to find and obtain new premises, as a tenant. Renegotiating and renewing current agreements with landlords is also difficult. Tenants have a distinct advantage in joining with 5th Avenue Properties Johannesburg. The knowledge that they have of market trends and unmatched experience in negotiating transactions guarantees that the playing fields between the tenant and the landlord are levelled.

A 5th Avenue Properties Johannesburg representative of the tenant will get an awareness of your business and real estate needs. The subsequent step is to find options to match the brief. This assists tenants to make a knowledgeable real estate decision. After a shortlist of the options has been created, the representative of the tenant utilises his/her skills to discuss the best possible terms for the tenant.


Lease Renewals.

Your lease is coming up for renewal. You make an assumption that it will be renewed on sensible terms and conditions. You are astonished when the landlord’s proposal has expenses that are considerably higher than you anticipated. You have not made sufficient time for renegotiation.

This is a regular circumstance. Too many tenants are compelled to accept terms and conditions that are not to their advantage. This is a circumstance that is prevented easily, if time is made beforehand, to look through every probable choice.

Usually, the terms that the landlord presents to current tenants for renewal will be inferior to the terms that are presented to new tenants. It is more probable that a new tenant will have explored every available choice. 5th Avenue Properties Johannesburg is aware that usually, the expense of moving is huge. It is also unsettling to your business.

You should let 5th Avenue Properties Johannesburg help you obtain the maximum advantage from your lease renewal. Take a look at this advice that you need to have. You should let there be sufficient time to renegotiate the terms of your lease agreement. Look for other choices. You need to know about the existing market trends in rentals, as well as vacancies. You need to examine the expense impact to your landlord if you move. If you are not presented with a fantastic deal, you must get ready to move.


Contact 5th Avenue Properties Johannesburg.

You can be in touch with them. Call them on +27 (11) 234-6111.  Email them at

Their GPS coordinates are -26.066746, 28.026023

This is the Head Office’s Address:

Block C

68 Hobart Road



South Africa


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