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Ash Brook Commercial Properties Johannesburg

Ash Brook Commercial Properties Johannesburg Commercial Property Johannesburg

Ash Brook Commercial Properties Johannesburg Has A Company Profile And Philosophy.

Fostering long-term relationships with their clients and their landlords that they can maintain.

Ash Brook Commercial Properties Johannesburg is a specialized commercial property group that has a special focus in the office space, as well as industrial industries for leasing, sales, and development. Research capabilities are provided by them. They do this so that their commercial property clients have the best information about the market available so that they can make firm decisions about property. Ash Brook Commercial Properties Johannesburg is proud of providing their clients with service that is efficient and appreciated. The best customized solutions to their clients’ needs are found by them. Their main Client Value Proposition is positioned in their end-to-end method, to developing solutions at every point of the value chain of their client. It doesn’t matter if it’s a turn-key solution or something that is specific. Ash Brook Commercial Properties Johannesburg constantly set benchmarks for leading difficult investment deals. They enable contractual negotiations that have benefits. They foster long-term relationships with their clients and their landlords that they can maintain. By doing all these things, they strive to develop and maintain best practice principles in the Commercial and Business property industry. To date, they have concluded quite a few successful deals with trustworthy companies, through their quality based service offering.

These Commercial Property Services Are Offered By The Ash Brook Group:

Commercial  Leasing:

  • They see what the needs of their clients are.
  • Fitting premises are collected based on the needs of their clients.
  • They do on-site visits to options that are on a short-list.
  • They talk about lease terms that are building specific.
  • They collect and submit all necessary FICA documentation on behalf of their clients.
  • They enable negotiation with Landlord and ending of lease terms.


Property Advisory Services:

  • They do a lease audit and analysis.
  • They advise on lease renewals and leasing contracts that are new.
  • They advise on strategies for growing return on investment on current properties.
  • They advise on processes of cost depletions.
  • They advise on being more applicable to the environment.
  • They advise on the removal of properties that are owned.
  • They advise on the annulment of current lease contracts.
  • They advise on market related terms and conditions of lease.

Property Sales:

  • They do a preliminary analysis on building.
  • They formulate recommendations on recommended sales process.
  • They foster marketing strategy.
  • There is one point of contact for all sales documentation.
  • They negotiate and complete the deal.

 Property Developments And Renovations:

  • They do a complete analysis of existing and future needs.
  • They offer development set against renovation options.
  • They collect all property options that are applicable.
  • They help with planning and design.
  • They do feasibility studies and help with making decisions when needed.
  • They get cost estimations (architect, space planning, project management).
  • They enable negotiations with suppliers on contracts.
  • They enable meetings between applicable parties.
  • They help with finance when needed.
  • They get applicable legal documentation when needed.

Contact Ash Brook Commercial Properties Johannesburg at their Head Office. Their Office Number is 0861 622 262. Fax them at (011) 706-4158. Email them at
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