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Commercial Property in Germiston

Commercial Property in Germiston
Commercial Property in Germiston

Commercial Property in Germiston

Commercial Property in Germiston

Germiston is a city in the East Rand of Gauteng in South Africa. Germiston is now the seat of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality which includes much of the East Rand, and is also considered part of Greater Johannesburg. Lambton is the closest residential suburb to Rand Airport. Commercial Property in Germiston will definitely offer you the most affordable commercial property to let as it is cheaper than most suburbs in the east rand.

Commercial Property in Germiston is usually easy to get as it is a semi – industrial suburb that accommodates businesses as you will notice warehouses from the minute you enter the neighbourhood.

Commercial Property in Germiston also boasts South Africa’s biggest railway junction and the busiest civil airport, Rand Airport. Even though Commercial Property in Germiston is predominantly an industrial area with over 700 factories, it is minutes away from large shopping malls and boasts a few superb entertainment facilities.

Advantages of renting Commercial Property in Germiston

  • There are a lot of other factories at your disposal in case you need something at your factory or commercial property i.e. engineers, mechanics they are all available locally, so you do not have to leave your Commercial Property in Germiston to go to johannesburg or anywhere else because most things are available locally.
  • Commercial Property in Germiston have the busiest railway junction so if you need to transport your goods if you are a manufacturer it would be easier to do so as we all know that rail is cheaper than any other form of transport.
  • Affordable rent is a norm for Commercial Property in Germiston usually in most areas it would cost you an arm and a leg but not in germiston.
  • It is also fairly close to the Johannesburg CBD so it would be easier to trade to and from the city easily and employees can also get to work easier as the transport network is quite good and the route to germiston is direct.

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