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Currie Group Bryanston, Johannesburg

Currie Group Bryanston, Johannesburg Commercial Property Johannesburg

Commercial Property Johannesburg provides you with information about Currie Group Bryanston, Johannesburg. Read on to learn more.

Learn About Currie Group Bryanston, Johannesburg.

Currie Group Bryanston, Johannesburg is a specialist in the leasing and selling of commercial property and industrial property.

These Services Are Offered By Currie Group Bryanston, Johannesburg:

Property Broking; Project and Development Management, Management of Property, Valuations, Marketing of Developments, and Fund and Asset Management.


Property Broking

Their services include:

  • Leasing and selling of industrial, as well as commercial buildings, and land.
  • Commercial and industrial buildings being developed.
  • Land and buildings being valuated.
  • Opportunities for investment.

Their professional brokers will help in discovering tenants and buyers for property owners, throughout the many brokers’ areas. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for empty land, or smaller warehouse/ factory office spaces, or big warehouses and factories. Their brokers will work very hard to satisfy your property requirements.


Structure of Fees

Lease Commission

  • 5% of the Gross Rental. This does not include VAT on the first two years of the Lease.
  • 5% of the Gross Rental. This does not include VAT on the subsequent three years of the Lease.
  • 5% of the Gross Rental. This does not include VAT on the subsequent three years of the Lease.
  • 1% of the Gross Rental. This does not include VAT on the Lease’s balance.
  • When there is a One Year Lease, or lesser period, the commission will be equal to one month’s rental.
  • The total commission amount, as calculated above, has to be paid by the Landlord to the company, on signature of the Lease Agreement.


Sales Commission

Sale Commission

  • 5% of the sale price. This does not include VAT.


To be paid by the Landlord or the Seller, on conclusion of a successful transaction.

VAT is not included in any commissions.


Project and Development Management

Currie Group Bryanston, Johannesburg’s specialised knowledge and credentials are associated with the building process. They comprehend the needs of the client. They supply quality services. They guarantee that the owner of the property applies his/her operational aims effectively. Expenditure is cut down, when required. Programmes are defined with distinct and attainable milestones.

The services that are offered to owners include:

  • Examining land, as well as development necessities.
  • Handling town planning processes.
  • Handling environmental impact processes.
  • Handling all professionals, including appointments, fee calculations and payments.
  • Value engineering.
  • Design management guidance.
  • Feasible studies, scoping, as well as initiation.
  • Leasing and co-ordination of tenants.
  • Information management, as well as communication.
  • Guarantee legal compliance (H&S, quality etc.)
  • Project close out – Manuals, guarantees, as-builts etc.


Management Of Property

Currie Group Bryanston, Johannesburg handles a property portfolio. It is valued in excess of R500m. They have been managing property since the early 1900s. They are one of the few management companies functioning today, that provide executive management participation at each level, from on-site maintenance meetings, to lease negotiations at board level, with the capability to manage properties of any size, but sufficiently small to offer individual service.

Their team of in-house brokers, attorneys, valuers, as well as building mangers, are presently available to help you, and handle your building(s). Throughout difficult economic times, it has become more essential to achieve their fiduciary duties towards the property owners that they represent, to improve the value of their properties, and to make their return on investment bigger.

They utilise market-leading property management software (MDA software). This offers a complete property management solution. The advantages of MDA software include: fast access to information; a complete examination of property details, efficiently created reports, as well as active property management.

They are proud of handling your properties professionally, as though they own these properties.

They will reveal value in your properties. This is done via:

  • Their in-house professional team that is composed of:
  • Attorneys and conveyancers, prepared to manage property legal disputes and quick debt collections.
  • Valuers of property, guaranteeing that market rentals are attained for your property.
  • Property brokers, preserving high occupancy levels and low vacancy rates.
  • Solving municipal billing disputes.
  • Giving advice to owners on municipal valuations.
  • Making sure that properties are well-preserved.
  • Attaining preferential rates from trustworthy maintenance contractors.
  • Dealing quickly and effectively with negligent tenants.


Currie Group Bryanston, Johannesburg Manages These Properties:

  • Old Johannesburg Stock Exchange Building (Offices, Diagonal Street, Johannesburg CBD).
  • Bordeaux Centre (Retail offices and apartments, corner Jan Smuts and Gordon Avenues, Randburg).
  • Longpoint (Offices and retail, corner Witkoppen Road and Montecasino Boulevard, Fourways).
  • Touchdown (Industrial).
  • Midway Commercial Park (Industrial Mini Units).
  • Stand 711, Ferndale (Commercial).
  • GBT Mini Factories (Industrial).
  • Spartan Mini Factories (Industrial).
  • Tatum Court (Residential).
  • Matrix (Residential).
  • Aranmore (Residential).
  • O’Reilly Merry Business Park (Offices).
  • Dullstroom Centre (Retail).
  • Tugpower (Industrial).





With additional legislative measures pertaining to the control and utilisation of property being enacted in a rapid-changing economic environment, deciding the market value of fixed property has become more of an art, as well as a science. Their team of knowledgeable valuers have been educated, as well as trained, to make an estimation of market value in an accurate way. They are also able to implement feasibility studies, and offer expert guidance on complicated property matters.


Richard AJ Currie (Valuer, M.R.I.C.S., M.I.V.(S.A.))


Fund and Asset Management

Currie Group Bryanston, Johannesburg has dynamically been involved in Fund and Asset Management for more than ten years. This includes the arranging, fundraising, as well as the successful launch of a UK-based property fund on the AIM-linked London Stock Exchange.

Their team is perfectly situated to recognise property investment and development opportunities, on behalf of privately held property portfolios, or funds.


Learn About Currie Group Bryanston, Johannesburg’s History.

Richard H. Currie was a businessman who operated in Johannesburg, in the late 19th Century. He was fascinated by the property industry. Johannesburg’s fiery growth in the later years of the Century, motivated him to conduct auctions in Loveday Street, opposite the Rand Club.

The company was formally launched by him, in 1887. His entrepreneurial spirit influenced him, as well as generations of his family, to come. Currie became synonymous with honesty, active success and innovative progress, to create the building blocks of what is now known as Currie Group Bryanston, Johannesburg, 127 years later. The present Chief Executive Officer, Richard William Currie, is the fifth generation family member, to head the company.

The company has been managing property since the early 1900s. They have developed a comprehensive property management portfolio. Their history and property knowledge converts into a useful, as well as personal approach.

The buildings on Ussher Industrial Sites were constructed between 1894 and 1903, throughout the time that deep level mining started in Johannesburg. They managed the property by themselves for 35 years, from 1975 to 2010. The property has now been bought by Standard Bank for future growth.


Be In Touch With Currie Group Bryanston, Johannesburg.

Call them on: +27 (0)86-177-7725. You can send them a fax on: +27 (0)11 706-2583. You can send them an email at:

Their Address is:

1st Floor

Optimum House

Epsom Downs Office Park

13 Sloane Street



Their Postal Address is:

PO Box 1997



You have learned so much about this company.

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