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Flats to rent in johannesburg cbd

Flats to rent in johannesburg cbd
Flats to rent in johannesburg cbd

Flats to rent in johannesburg cbd

Flats to rent in johannesburg cbd

Johannesburg CBD can be dangerous at times like any other area or location in gauteng you are never really 100% safe but on the upside the nightlife in the CBD could be colourful as there are many clubs that offer entertainment if its needed. Centrally located Johannesburg CBD is convenient to live because it is halfway between anywhere you want to go in johannesburg so it makes transport costs low as a result saving you a few hundreds.

Look atĀ Flats to rent in johannesburg cbd as a saving option, well of course it would be nice to live in the suburbs of the North but again with places like Mary Fitzgerald Square and the Market Theatre you would love being in the CBD especially if you considerĀ Flats to rent in johannesburg cbd around braamfontein where people live an up tempo life you would surely make good friends and family.

Advantages of living in the City

  • Centrally Positioned – It is convenient to travel to any part of Johannesburg from the CBD
  • Abundance in shops – There is a wide variety of shops in the CBD to cater for all your needs
  • Sufficient Entertainment – From pubs to clubs and adult entertainment you find it in the CBD just to get your mind off things
  • Accommodation is Cheap – Since there is so much competition in the CBD the accommodation usually works out cheaper as consumers have many choices
  • Good Transport Network – Transport network is commendable. The metro bus services from Ghandi Square and Taxi ranks at bree are remarkably organised to get commuters to their destinations on time

Disadvantages of Living in the CBD

  • Muggings – Occasional muggings may take place especially after dark or in some areas of town. Like downtown where there are few people that actually care.
  • Hijackings – The city is probably one of the hijacking hotspots and you must always be up and vigilant
  • Loud Traffic Noise – Traffic has no time it is always busy make sure you get used to chattering and hooters
  • A bit crowded – Johannesburg could get a little crowded and annoying especially during peak times
  • Traffic Jams – Traffic jams are really bad especially for drivers driving their personal cars especially on bree street and de korte

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