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Houses for sale in Randburg

Houses for sale in Randburg
Houses for sale in Randburg

Houses for sale in Randburg

Houses for sale in Randburg

Randburg is located in the north of Johannesburg where you find suburbs like Cresta, North-cliff, Sandton, Blackheath just to mention a few. It is a fairly low density area that one can be proud of living in. It is fairly clean and the properties are fairly cheap as well that one could look into investing in.

Houses for sale in Randburg may vary in price as they are location determined for example. A house in linden would differ from say a house inn Windsor mainly because the one is of a lower density but is still located in randburg!

So when you are considering Houses for sale in Randburg make sure that you choose an area that is satisfactory to you and your pocket but also look into getting an area that’s secure for peace of mind. You surely would not want to replace your household goods every week. Randburg is a good area to live but one must always practice precaution even though they live in the north, most criminals target areas like randburg as they know that people are caught off-guard.

Consider these points

  • Very Central – Linden is very central and there is easy access to areas in and around JHB.
  • It is quiet – Randburg is very peaceful and quiet. Great escape.
  • Awesome restaurants –  Basically it is interesting to live in Randburg. There are coffee shops and good restaurants.
  • It is safe – Usually you have police patrol or security patrolling in the area so 80% of the time it is safe but its advisable to practice precaution.

Clearly Houses for sale in Randburg are a good investment opportunity and move especially considering all these points listed above!

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