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Industrial property to let in Boksburg

Industrial property to let in Boksburg
Industrial property to let in Boksburg

Industrial property to let in Boksburg

Industrial property to let in Boksburg

Boksburg is a city on the East Rand of Gauteng. The Main Reef Road linked Boksburg to all the other major mining towns on the Witwatersrand. Boksburg is one of the industrial hubs of gauteng with industrial sites like Jet Park, Hughes and Dan Swaat where most industries are located.

If you have available Industrial property to let in Boksburg, We can help you to to find tenants easily. With over 500 commercial searches each month, we can give your commercial lets exposure to potential tenants and agents looking for short and long term leases. If you own Industrial property to let in Boksburg its best that you communicate with us at Commercial Panda to find suitable clients on your behalf.

How to go about letting your property

Well the process could be tricky and complex at times especially with the paperwork. But then the rewards could be awesome if done properly as you can get a steady income off of it monthly! Before letting your property or even letting tenants into your premises there are few things you need them to know about your Industrial property to let in Boksburg.

 What you need to do

  • This is the first view your potential tenants will have of your property, so you should focus on optimising its appearance
  • Tidy up your property and repaint if you have to
  • tidy up the interior and get rid of clutter
  • Do your pre-tanancy checklist. For example Update your insurance to take into account that your property is going to be let. Make sure that all electrical wiring has been checked and safety approved by a qualified electrician. Inform the council tax department and utility suppliers that the property will be let.

Another thing landlords forget to do is check the ITC and Credit check on the potential tenant of which they could avoid many problems in the long-run these precautions will help you to find the ideal tenant to let your property to.

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