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Jones Lang LaSalle Johannesburg

Jones Lang LaSalle Johannesburg Commercial Property Johannesburg

You would like to know about Jones Lang LaSalle Johannesburg. Commercial Property Johannesburg provides information about Jones Lang LaSalle Johannesburg. Learn more about this company. Simply, read on below.

Here Is Jones Lang LaSalle Johannesburg’s Company Profile.

Genuine Value

Jones Lang LaSalle Johannesburg is in business to produce and supply genuine value for clients, shareholders, as well as its own people, in a complicated world that is continuously changing. Jones Lang LaSalle Johannesburg is a financial and professional services firm. They are specialists in real estate services, as well as investment management.

Jones Lang LaSalle Johannesburg’s over 58, 000 people in more than 230 offices in 80 countries, serve the local, regional, as well as international real estate requirements of those clients. They grow their company, in the process. In answer to changing client anticipations and market conditions, they gather teams of experts who supply integrated services developed on market insight and foresight, firm analysis, and pertinent market knowledge. They appeal to, develop, and reward the finest, and most dissimilar people in their industry. They test them to grow lasting client relationships built on quality service, teamwork, as well as trust.

PAIA Manual

The information in this manual pertains to the company, Registration Number 1995/000505/07. In terms of Section 51(2) of the Promotion of Access to Information Act No.2 of 2000 (“the Act”), Private bodies such as the company have to to assemble and publish a manual with the information as set forth herein.

In terms of Section 51(2) of the Act, the head of a Private Body may, regularly, update this manual. Based on the provisions of this section, the company will, as and when it believes it necessary, update, or alter this manual.

The head of the company has assigned his functions under this Act to the Legal and Regulatory Department, which Department has chosen an Information Officer.

Black Economic Empowerment (BEE)

Jones Lang LaSalle Johannesburg’s corporate philosophy has an awareness of the fact that the company and the employees are part of a bigger community. Their goal is to blur the clear lines that are usually made between work, and community life. They endeavour for an environment in which their actions reflect their assistances to the larger experience of life in South Africa.

Since the establishment of their legacy firm, Bradford McCormack in 1990, before any BEE criteria were set, the company has been an equal opportunity employer. Their corporate culture inspires the personal and professional growth of people. There are several previously disadvantaged people who have entered the property arena, via opportunities created at Bradford McCormack. They were mentored by the company. They currently have senior positions in the industry.

Jones Lang LaSalle Johannesburg’s small, very skilled team, distributes its skills and market knowledge openly, via internships and practical property courses that the company holds occasionally. These activities are held at no cost. Their goal is to motivate and prepare people to start on the road to a career in the industry, while at the same time, growing their network for the future. Their doors are always open to mentor and guide people on careers in the industry.

Their formal and independently audited BEE strategy concentrates on each of the seven pillars of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Codes of Good Practice. These are: Ownership, Management Control, Employment Equity, Socio-Economic Growth, Skills Growth, Preferential Procurement, and Enterprise Development internally, and within the larger South African community.

The Jones Lang LaSalle Johannesburg’s team often gives of its time and resources, to help in the attempt to enhance the lives of those less fortunate. There is an emphasis on offering hope for a maintainable, brighter future. Their activities have helped in growing feasible businesses, in offering improved living circumstances, maintainable feeding schemes, and support of formal educational opportunities. Inside the company, they have helped in growing individual aptitudes and ambitions. There are many examples of their positive impact on the lives of their employees. This includes an example, where an individual who started her employment with them as a junior telephone operator, is now a CA.

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You Can Contact Jones Lang LaSalle Johannesburg.

You can call them on: (011) 507-2200. You can even send them a fax on: (011) 442-6158. You can email them at:

Their Physical Address is:

Office 303, 3rd Floor, The Firs

Cnr Biermann and Cradock Ave




Their Postal Address is:

P O Box 2331




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