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Are you in need of the perfect office/retail/industrial space in Johannesburg? Or wanting greater insight into the commercial property sector? Commercial Property Johannesburg aims to bring you all of the latest developments in the industry. You can also find commercial property to rent. Simply follow the links. Get it all at Commercial Property Johannesburg.

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Property Wheel: SA’s Property News Portal

Property Wheel

Property Wheel is a comprehensive property news and information portal.

Property Wheel’s website, social media presence, and newsletters allow users including brokers, investment professionals, estate agents, analysts, and other industry professionals and leaders to keep abreast of the latest happenings in the real estate world.

All the major property sectors are covered including Retail, Industrial, Office, Commercial, Residential, Mixed Use, and Rural. The geographic area covered by Property Wheel News is predominantly Southern Africa.

It covers a diverse range of topics of interest to those in the property industry and other related industries such as financial services. These topics include, among others, Commercial and Residential Property News and Opinions, Property developments, Green property, Property transactions, Deals Done, Who’s Who in the industry, Investment Research and Commentary, and other information of interest to the industry.

The Panda hopes that this has helped. To keep informed of any industrial, retail, office and residential property news. Be sure to check out Your complete commercial property news website.

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